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9 Tips For Your Newborn Session

Thank you for your interest in Inspirations in Photography. Newborn sessions are a challenge, but they are one of the most rewarding aspects of photography. The key to a successful newborn session is PATIENCE. We allow plenty of time for a newborn session so we can maintain a calm, relaxed atmosphere.

A lot of preparation goes into a newborn session. We’re always scouting for new and unique props and accessories, and all of our blankets and props are cleaned between sessions. We plan out each pose down to the lighting and accessories, so your newborn session will be as unique as your baby. If you have a career or interest that you would like to honor in your session, let us know (firefighter, angler, baseball team, military, etc). We can work together as a team to make your session successful and unique.

We’ve compiled some tips to aid you and hopefully answer your questions.

  1. To see the adorable, sleepy baby images, your session should be scheduled when your baby is 7-14 days old. You’ll need to let us know as soon as possible after delivery to arrange a time.
  2. Loosen your baby’s diaper about 30 minutes before the session to reduce imprints from the diaper.
  3. Feed your baby right before your session. You may arrive a little early and feed your baby at the studio if you like. Burp your baby well to prevent gas pains. We’ve found that babies tend to require more frequent feeding during a session because your baby may wake up between poses, and assume that he or she is hungry. You may want to have extra milk on hand to assure your baby is calm and sleepy.
  4. Our studio will be very warm to assure your baby is comfortable. You may want to dress in layers so you are comfortable as well.
  5. The ideal newborn images are when your baby is relaxed and sleeping, so anything you can do to that end is recommended.
  6. To make your session is unique, please let us know if you have any special props that you would like to have included in your session. You may have a special stuffed animal from your childhood, or maybe someone special made a blanket for your baby.
  7. It’s nice to get photos with Mom and Dad. We usually save that for last, because it is not necessary for your baby to be sleeping for those shots. Keep your clothing simple and comfortable, preferably with no pattern. We prefer simple black clothing, which throws the spotlight on your infant. Don’t forget to dress in layers. This would be a good time to bring out something special that you want your baby to wear, otherwise your baby will be in his/her birthday suit for the rest of the session, or swaddled in fabric. We’d be happy to take some shots of any other special people in your child’s life as well.
  8. Be patient. Your baby may get fussy at times, but we allow plenty of time to get your baby comfortable. Your infant will get his/her cues from you, so just relax and enjoy the experience.  These photos of your sweet, innocent baby will be priceless, especially because this stage lasts for such a short time.
  9. Check out our baby images on our web site

Again, thank you for your interest in Inspirations in Photography.  It would be an honor and privilege to photograph your newborn session.

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